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Bournemouth Council: Lansdowne is an attractive location for UK student property investment

A new student property investment has been exclusively released by London-based property company, Experience International. Answering to the short supply of rooms in the area, the new UK student property investment is located near Bournemouth University’s Lansdowne Campus.

UK Student Property Investment

Bournemouth Council has highlighted the area as a location which is perfect for student property investment as it is within walking distance from the main campus, town centre amenities and the seafront.

Last year alone 800 first year students missed out on a place in halls and according to a Bournemouth University spokesman, 35% of residents would opt to remain in halls if the option was available.

There have been calls for Bournemouth University to provide up to 1,800 new build student rooms in managed halls of residence. This unmet demand provides a great opportunity for investors.

For those looking for an attractive UK property investment, the demand for student accommodation in the seaside town is clear. With yearly contracts in place, investors can secure stable rental returns in this low risk, recession proof asset class.

For more information about how to enter this new UK property investment, contact Experience International on 0207 321 5858 or email

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Student property for sale

Given the title of the UK’s top asset class by The Times due to the capability of delivering consistent returns, student accommodation investment has become an interesting addition for investors interested in a stable income stream.

Knight Frank the market specialists new report has shown that the sector has ‘outperformed every other commercial property class and delivered consistent returns throughout the economic downturn’, highlighting the attractiveness of Student accommodation investment for a growing number of investors

Typically student property for sale has seldom been available to the individual investor as universities and large groups of funds tend to purchase rooms before they are offered to the open market and landlords that do own student accommodation hold on to units due to the high sustained returns.

Demand is always high for student property investment as the underlying market fundamentals are positive, with supply restricted and high demand underpinning rental growth.

Analysing the best destinations for student property investment based on the supply and quality of the educational institution, Knight Frank ranked Bournemouth as the UK’s 15th most attractive area.  Many of the locations listed in the report have a limited development pipeline, with hardly any or no investment opportunities open to private investors.

The Guardian’s University 2012 Guide ranks Bournemouth University in the top 50 further education institutions. The town has a student population in excess of 17,000 of which 1,500 are international students. Therefore Bournemouth is An ideal location for investors interested in Student accommodation investment.

What’s more, Residential Services Manager at Bournemouth University, Richard Search, stated that in 2011, 800 first year students missed out on halls spaces and 35% of those who did obtain a place, would like to remain in halls if they could.


Exclusive Student Accommodation Investment
A new student accommodation project has just been launched by Experience International. Located right in the town centre and located at Bournemouth University’s Lansdowne campus, investors can purchase student rooms which are leased back to a well-established management company.

This fully hands-off investment is the UK’s first campus based offered to individual investors and will enable investors to secure higher yields than traditional UK buy-to-let investments.

“Experience International is pleased to have exclusivity on the UK’s first campus-based student property investment,” Experience International Managing Director Steven Worboys stated. “We have negotiated a 2 year 10% NET rental guarantee and interest will be paid on deposited funds during construction.”

Consisting of 99 fully-managed en-suite rooms, which are delivered fully furnished and finished to a high specification, the student property for sale is just 500 metres away from the beach and is ideally situated for the local student population.

Each en-suite room is being sold for £44,950 each with an attractive payment plan spread across the duration of the construction phase. Plus for additional security an insurance bond is in place to protect client funds throughout the build. The project is scheduled for completion in June 2013 and ready for the start of the 2013 academic year in September.

With interest expected to be strong and a limited number of units available, investors are encouraged to act now to secure units within the high-yielding opportunity.

For more information about student property for sale, please contact Experience International on 0207 321 5858.


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CBRE announce record Q1 for UK student room investment

CBRE’s Student Housing Market View Q1 2012 has revealed that over £246 million (297.6 million Euros) of student room investment deals were transacted in the first quarter of this year.

Comparing figures from the previous year – when investment in student property increase by around 50% to £1.1 billion – the first quarter results from 2012 are positive for the sector, with signs pointing that student room investment will continue to grow.

The property specialists also stated that despite a dip in the number of UCAS applications, the Higher Education sector is still oversubscribed and predict that the student population will not fall as a result of the increase in tuition fees.

This year UCAS has reported 5.2% fewer applications for degree courses and 7.4% decline in total applications for the 2012/2013 academic year.

Applications from students from the European Union has seen a notable decrease, however there has been a 12% increase in applications from non-EU countries. Applications from the Far East have risen by 10%, applications from students in Hong Kong have increased by 37% and applications from Australasia have also increased by 15%.

To outline the extent of applicant over-subscription, CBRE has stated that in September 2011 700,160 students applied for spaces on courses however only 492,030 students were accepted. Roughly 30% of applicants missed out on a university place.
It is clear that the demand for student room investment remains high and will remain high due to the continual demand for university places.

To discover the best locations in the UK for student room investment, contact Experience International on 0207 321 5858 or email

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